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Step 1: In-home consultation

A consultant will visit your home, do a walk through, provide you valuable documentation on how to start an Airbnb, and advise you on how to make your Airbnb a 5 Star Listing! We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, the greater Atlanta area, and Dallas, Texas. We will be expanding to Chattanooga, TN in July 2023! Please go to the Book Online page to schedule your free 15-minute chat or 60-minute consult today! Book at this link! Consults and on-boarding from June 27- July 8 are online only. $100

Step 2: Furnish and Stage

For those that have an furnished property, we may need to buy a few items like linens or a coffee maker. We will discuss what needs to be purchased at the in-home consultation (Step 1). If your home is already furnished, photographed, and listed as an Airbnb, our start-up time is quite fast.

For those that have an unfurnished property, we will create a welcoming space for guests! 
We have found that it works well if the owner purchases the sofa, beds, nightstands, and dining table with chairs. Then we can come in and finish up the Airbnb set-up with all the other things you need. For a 1 bedroom home plan on 1 week for us to prepare the space. For a 4 bedroom home, plan on 3 to 4 weeks for us to prepare the space. We offer project management as well for projects such as pressure washing, painting, gutter repairs, etc. We see the big picture and will get your house guest-ready!

A 50% deposit is requested before starting these services. There is a wait list for set-ups so please inquire! We can schedule a start date based on the size of the set-up. We require an in-home consultation in order to plan to set-up.

Step 3: Photograph the space

After your consultation and property set-up, taking well-lit photos of your home is the next step. Professional lighting and wide angle shots will bring out the best in your Airbnb listing. $200 for up to 2 bedroom homes or $290 for three and four bedroom homes or $350 for homes that are five bedrooms or larger.

Step 4: Create listing(s)

Next we create the listing with intriguing text and captivating photos. We also optimize all the Airbnb settings custom for your home. $100

If you also purchase photography through us or do our in-home consultation, you get a $50 discount on the Listing Creation Service!

Step 5: On-going management

You Too Can Host can manage the whole short-term rental hosting experience for you!

20% of the nightly rate is end-to-end management. Restocking amenities, cleaning, and meeting with maintenance is included in addition to the online portion listed above. For this option the cleaning is paid to us as well.

Rent-to-Rent: Instead of collecting earnings throughout the month and being affected by seasonality, this is an opportunity to be paid a premium rent for your furnished home on the first of the month. The monthly rent for this 3-month to 12-month lease is determined through discussion and looking at comparable property rents. This option becomes available after being on our 10% or 20% plan for 1 month.

Longer Rentals: A long-term resident may be a great option for your property. We can help you make that decision, find a tenant fast, and manage on a long-term basis if we decide to go that route. For a flat monthly rate we will take care of what needs to be done to keep your rental going! You do not need to live in town, as many of our clients are out of state or out of the country. Our most common long-term lease term is 24-months, followed by 12-months, and month-to-month.

10% of the nightly rate takes care of everything online. You will not need to do listing updates, pricing, reservations, and online guest instructions. This is great for property owners who want to do the fun parts of hosting guests, without the hassle. The cleaning fee goes to the owner who will coordinate cleaning and inspect the property between guests.

Add-on Services for Existing Clients - You Too Can Host can help you take care of your home while you are away. 

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