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Exclusive Services

We understand the many touchpoints involved in maintaining a home! We offer an array of services in order to streamline the work for you. 

Prices are subject to increase so make sure to check this page for the latest price.

Exclusive services for our clients (parts additional)

Plumbing and HVAC

Replace garbage disposal $100

Remove a sink clog that requires taking plumbing apart $75

Replacing a drain stopper $75

Replacing sewer pipes under sink $75

Setting up a portable or window air conditioner $75

Unclog garbage disposal $50

Replacing a fill valve on a toilet $40

Replacing vent cap under a sink $25

Replacing a handle on a toilet $25

Locks and Appliances

Washer and dryer maintenance/deep clean $100

Coordination related to replacing a major appliance during a guest stay (fridge, washer, dryer, oven, dishwasher, hvac, water heater) $100

Coordination related to replacing a major appliance when vacant (fridge, washer, dryer, oven, dishwasher, hvac, water heater) $50

Install a Nest or Ecobee thermostat $75

Dryer vent pipe clean-out $50

Replacing/installing a keypad or August smartlock $25


Junk org and removal $100+

Hauling away large items such as dining tables or sofas $100 

Pressure washing $100

Property inspection requested by Owner $50/$75/$100

Furniture Assembly (S/M/L) $25/$50/$75

Lawn Care $40 - $80

Gutter clear out $50

Visit to home (meet contractor or appraiser) $50

Internet installation (includes picking up boxes) $50

Internet installation (boxes already delivered) $25

Obtaining an estimate for any type of work $25

Setting up a TV with Roku or Apple TV $25

The prices above includes the trip to the store to pick-up supplies, but it does not include the cost of the supplies. The client will be billed for the cost of the supplies.

Included in management and at inspections

Lightbulb changes within reach (interior and exterior)
Replacing door knobs (not keypads)
Changing a lockbox code or keypad code
Uncloging a drain with draino or a zip tool
Replacing batteries (remotes, smoke detectors, keypads)
Replacing a toilet flapper
Cutting a small branch that is hanging down in a path
Blowing off a small deck or entry way with provided blower
Air filter change on HVAC and defrosting a frozen system
Unboxing a TV not involving a mount
Internet troubleshooting
Checks for bugs since the last inspection

Out of Scope

Anything with risk of major damage if not done correctly
Replacing plumbing pipes that bring water into the house
Foundation inspection or work, anything structural
HVAC, except as stated above
Electrical work

Removing a toilet for replacement or a major clog

Contractor Coordination

We can coordinate with your handy person, electrician, plumber, window contractor, paving contractor, or other contractor. The cost is based on the need for us to be present at the property. 

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